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Topics Covered at the Entrepreneur Conference

> Entrepreneurs Journeys: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines
Hear from prominent entrepreneurs who have been successful – but who also own some battle scars. They’ll talk about how their companies attracted funding, acquired customers and grew over time, even if there were setbacks and failures along the way.

> How to Win the Battle for Talent & Build a Team to Boost Your Business
Most entrepreneurs in Asia agree with the saying that HR is our biggest headache. These seasoned entrepreneurs will share their experiences on smart interviewing, hiring right, leading well, and building a winning organization.

> Resources for Entrepreneurs: How to find what you need
Learn how to tap into the resources of private and public networks dedicated to helping your business grow. Hear about accelerators across Asia, government support programs, angel financing and more.

> Launching A Green Business
This session will feature a panel of Asia-based green entrepreneurs and founders who will share their journeys and provide insights into their inspirations, motivations, setbacks and triumphs.

> Lean Startups: Operating at Max Efficiency
The lean startup method stresses creation of rapid prototypes to test market assumptions and often uses customer feedback to evolve products much faster. Learn how “thinking lean” can produce results while better preparing you to find investors.

> How to Find (and keep) Your First Customers
How your company closes its first sale with a customer can set the pace for many more to come – or create an enduring sales disadvantage. Hear from veterans who have learned how to construct sales deals that build on successful relationships.

> Get Your Basics Right… Above-the-Line (ATL) Marketing
Don’t rely solely on social media. Despite the fact that there are so much buzz about digital marketing, Above-the-line marketing strategies offer an effective way to deliver content to current and prospective customers, and can become a catalyst to drive your web site along other traffic marketing assets. Above-the-line marketing utilizes strategies like: web banners, events, podcasts, etc.

> Successful Inbound Marketing Strategies and Techniques
Blogging, EDM, pages, social media…in your business, you definitely need inbound marketing that doesn’t just generate traffic, leads, and sales today but is also built to last in this rapidly evolving world. This session will be focused on the lessons the entrepreneurs have learned.

> Sales Strategies: Creating a Never-ending Stream of Customers
Let’s hear from veterans who have learned how to construct sales deals that build on successful relationships. Learn how to tap into emerging sales channels and other techniques to keep your sales pipeline filled with a steady flow of people and companies who can’t wait to buy your product or services in Asia.

> Using Collaboration Software, Social Media, and Mobile Apps to Grow Your Company
Getting the word out about your products and services is easier than ever – and more complicated than ever, too. With so many tools available today, how do you navigate the maze of software and social media tools without devoting your entire schedule to this effort and still receive maximum ROI?

> Pursuing Investors: What Angels and VCs Want to Hear
Hear the basics of raising capital from investors. How your idea is presented counts – especially if you anticipate some often-asked questions from those who may risk money on your company.

> Entrepreneur Success Stories: How We Got Financing
Hear from start-up company owners who have recently negotiated financing deals. How long did it take? What attracted the investors? What milestones must be met? And what mistakes should you avoid?

> Expanding Internationally – Grow As You Go
Entrepreneurs often have limited resources, few connections and tight budgets. When they expand internationally, they need to stick with one guiding principle: grow as you go which is financing their expansion as revenue comes in (not before). In this session, entrepreneurs will share their insights and experience on how they expanded in other Asian markets.

> Succeeding Through Failure
In order to achieve greatness, you have to fail greatly. The most successful people are the one who take big risks, which often means spectacular flameouts. In this session, entrepreneurs will share how they failed and learn from it.

> How to Manage Your Company to a Successful Exit
Savvy entrepreneurs know they can make money day-to-day by running a good business. For some, however, the much bigger payoff comes when they plan for an exit from the start. Learn from people who have taken the right exit ramp!

> Work-life Balance: Mission Impossible?
In a world that has become increasingly faster-paced and over-connected, the term ‘work-life balance’ sounds like an impossible attempt for many entrepreneurs. Being plugged in to your company 24/7 would not be pleasant, balance is the key. In this session, speakers will focus on how to attain the goal in their career while living a better life.