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Thilo Fuchs

Thilo is an innovation designer and design strategist leading international projects in brand communication. A bottlesxo logo_副本trained architect, he now works on the design of new business models focusing on innovation and customer experience. He is constantly searching for new, radical solutions connecting the real world with the virtual.

Bridging Two Worlds. How to Scale Online to Offline
Online to Offline and mobile first boost possibilities for new business models and introduce a new player to the old rivalry of online vs. brick-and mortar retail. But developing products and services in both worlds also drastically increases the complexity of doing so successfully. The fundamental strategies to build trust, enable technology driven scalability and expand a business internationally can even seem contradictory. Thilo Fuchs, Co-founder of BottlesXO, will speak about the challenges of working with artisanal wine growers and at the same time developing a cutting edge technology mobile App to grow their 60 Minutes wine delivery throughout the Asia Pacific.

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