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Martin Nexo Jonsson

Logo2_副本Martin is a serial-entrepreneur with a broad range of projects on his record. Since the age of 18, Martin successfully co-founded and developed the Copenhagen based outdoor companies Team Tours and Scandinavian Teambuilding. After being a vital force in the development of the two outdoor companies, he enrolled in a leadership program with a F500 and took the opportunity to develop his managerial competencies. In 2012 he stepped back on to the entrepreneurial scene, this time in Shanghai where he has been working on food and health related project since. He is currently handling an expansion of Nosh Delivery through his role as managing Partner.

Keeping Entrepreneurial Spirit
What is an entrepreneur? Can entrepreneurship be a career path? To evaluate these questions we need to ask our selves, why each of us are entrepreneurs in the first place. Personally it has taken me more than a decade to understand why I’m an entrepreneur, and while answers are slowly revealing them selves to me, it’s becoming clear that much entrepreneurial potential is lost in the jungle of why we are all doing what we do. Through an interactive session I hope we can come closer to the facts about why each of us decide to enter the bumpy road of entrepreneurship, and continue the path even after falling off the side of the road.

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