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Greg Nance

ChaseFuture-logoGreg has pursued his passion for improving education by co-founding and directing four organizations in the space. His work has been recognized by the Obama Administration, NASDAQ, Forbes, TechCrunch, Harvard Business Review, Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous others.

He also has experience in U.S. strategic/defense forecasting and analysis with a focus in American alliance building. His research focuses primarily on U.S. naval policy and alliance coalition management in Asia and the Middle East. His writing has been featured in the Seattle Times and Real Clear World. The Diplomatic Courier has recognized his work by naming him one of the “Top 99 Foreign Policy Leaders Under 33.”

When he is not in the office or traveling on business, you’re likely to find him running evergreen forest trails, swimming the Puget Sound, or climbing the snow-capped Cascade Mountains.

Work-life Balance
– How I lead ChaseFuture while training for ultramarathons and reading a book each week
– How we raised financing (from a combo of angels, VC’s and NASDAQ-listed investor and how each group differs in needed approach).

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